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5” H x 2.75” Diameter (can)

• Environmentally friendly heat resistant PLA
• PLA is thermoplastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch
• Holds up to 280 ml. (9.5 oz.)
• Preprinted as shown on back
• Durable and reusable
• BPA free and FDA compliant
• Dishwasher friendly
• Tab lid can be opened and closed
• 100% compostable
• Entire lid screws on/off for easy cleaning and refilling
• Biodegradable and recyclable
• Uniquely boxed as illustrated
• A new cool design for drinkware!

SP 1C AQ – 2.5” W x 2.5” H (front)

For eco can without preprinted logo see DA9288
DA8288-C-DOUBLE WALLED 280 ML. (9.5 OZ.) ECO CAN-Black/White
809 in stock
DA8288-C-DOUBLE WALLED 280 ML. (9.5 OZ.) ECO CAN-Green/White
242 in stock
DA8288-C-DOUBLE WALLED 280 ML. (9.5 OZ.) ECO CAN-White
770 in stock

Billable Sample
Due to the high cost or nature of this item, we will be invoicing your firm the end column no imprint cost when ordering a sample. Billable samples are non-returnable and non-refundable. NOTE: All billable samples are subject to a freight charge.

Screen Print (SP 1C)
Set up charge $60.00 (G) each
Repeat set up charge: $30.00 (G) each.

The direct screen printing process with a maximum of 1 Spot colour involves placing the material under a mesh screen. By applying even pressure with a squeegee on the screen, your logo is imprinted onto the material surface. The screen printing process ensures your imprint looks its best on a wide variety of fabrics. This is the most common method of decoration.

Ink Change: All orders that require an ink colour change are subject to a charge of $35.00(E) per colour.

AQUA MARK (AQ) - Spot Colour printing for Drinkware
- Minimum two colour imprint
Set up charges are $60.00(G) per colour/design
Repeat set up charge: $30.00(G) each
Utilize imprinted price and add the following run charges:
$2.15(E) for up to 3 spot colours
Each additional spot colour after the 3rd colour $0.40(E) each
If you require an Aqua Mark in a 2nd location, an additional location running charge (based on quantity-see pricing grid on this page) AND applicable Aqua Mark running charges will apply.
Similar to traditional transfer printing, Aqua Mark has been developed exclusively for use on drinkware. Ink is applied to a sheet of transfer paper instead of directly onto the material. The transfer is then applied directly onto the product. This method allows for spot colour separations (PMS colour match). A clear overlay is always required. A white underlay may be required on dark product colours or glass.

Production time for full order is 20-25 business days. A preproduction sample may be required for approval prior to full production. Longer lead times required for larger quantities.

Acrylic and stainless: hand wash only in lukewarm water with a soft cloth. Glass, Tritan® and Ceramic: top rack of dishwasher on the China/Gentle cycle.

Ink Change: All orders that require an ink colour change are subject to a charge of $35.00(E) per colour.

Qty Available: 809
Qty Available: 242
Qty Available: 770